The Number One Conflict Power Play Taught By Both Harvard Professors and Buddhist Teachers

Most of us approach conflict like an unskillful zero-sum game. 

We turn defensive and end up arguing.  We harden our positions and fail to see possibilities.  
We over-invest resources when we should cut our losses; we under-invest when we should lean in.

  Even when we win, we come out feeling like losers. 


It's time to uplevel our game. 

We are here to build amazing businesses, have rockstar families, lead our tribes for massive social change.  Together, we are creating a new world that reflects our core values of connection and service.  

To do that, we need new conflict skills.  It's not about getting rid of conflict, or becoming better problem-solvers.  
It's about learning conflict skills that we were never taught in school, so that we can engage with conflict from a conscious and powerfully aware place. 



Hi.  I'm Nicole Aimee.  

I'm obsessed with learning and practicing the art of conflict intelligence, from all angles possible.  I graduated from Harvard Law and am a licensed mediator. I've also spent the last decade immersed in in the study and practice of various wisdom traditions, including Buddhism.  For me, spiritual wisdom is life wisdom, and it can help us in practical and real ways.        

 I put together this e-book for you as an introduction to some of the things I've been learning.  It's my honor and pleasure to share it with you.  


       In this e-Book, you will gain insight into . .  .

    . . . what Harvard professors tell you to do to prepare for any negotiation

    . . . what Buddhist wisdom has to teach us about the optimal conflict attitude

    . . . what true power in a conflict actually looks like

    . . . how to marry Western technique with Eastern wisdom

    . . . ultimately, how to access freedom and joy under any conditions, even difficult ones

We've never been taught how to deal with conflict.  But today you can start to learn.